The 16-year-old suspect of the Bonnyrigg High School attack on Thursday morning has appeared in the Parramatta Children’s Court on Friday. The boy, whose identity is kept secret, has been charged with wounding with the intent to murder his science adviser Carolyn Cox as well as wounding two other students.

Police cannot explain why the boy decided to go on a rampage. The boy also did not explain his actions. He was just four days into the school term.

The boy, whose parents were from Laos, walked into a room in the science block and started to stab a 15-0year-old female student at 8:42 AM. The female student was stabbed on her shoulder bland and another student, a 16-year-old male, was also stabbed in the chest.

Several minutes later, the criminal stabbed Miss Cox in her back. Miss Cox was probably caught in it because she tried to intervene. The school was shaken and went into lockdown. The police then found the suspect at a supermarket car park one hour later.

The authorities found a black Adidas bag and a meat cleaver. They also found box cutter knife, kitchen knife, screwdrivers, cell phone and scissors. Everyone was shocked by the boy’s actions since he has never shown signs that he could do such things. His parents and friends came to the court for support.

The boy has never been in trouble before. The police also say that he did not have any targets so they are treating it as a random attack. “He just walked in and stabbed them, then walked out,” cited a female student who witnessed the attack. “He didn’t say anything. Everyone was just in shock, we didn’t really realize what had happened.”

Fairfield Local Area Commander, Superintendent Peter Lennon, added that there was no motive for the attack. The suspect did not resist arrest but uttered strange words when he was being arrested. “[I am] dead, you hear me?” the suspect said, according to Sydney Morning Herald. “Can youse tell my brother he has to watch out? I didn’t kill anyone. You have to tell my brother.”

The mother of the female student only found out about the attack on the news. She posted a picture on her Facebook that showed her daughter smiling while recovering in the hospital. “When I heard the news this morning about my daughter I was shaking, crying and most of all worried about my daughter and the thing that upsets me even more is that the school didn’t,” the mother stated.

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