Dr. Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth have made Fox their small screen home for eleven seasons now. Season 12 has not even premiered yet. But some fans are already looking forward to Bones Season 13. Do these fans have sufficient reason to feel excited? Or will Booth and Brennan’s decade long run really end soon?

The series will only wrap up its eleventh season this week. The show’s twelfth installment, meanwhile, will not debut until early next year. However, rumors suggest that Bones Season 13 won’t air anymore. Will the show end with the upcoming season, instead? Has the network really cancelled the show?

Squints everywhere might be hoping for something more for the show. But, according to TV Line, Dana Walden and Gary Newman, co-chairmen at Fox, have both confirmed the rumor that Season 12 will be the show’s final one.

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Fans shouldn’t be too devastated over this news, though. They might still have something to look forward to. In a separate report, TVLine’s entertainment correspondent Michael Ausiello assures fans that they’re in for quite a “doozy” ride when Bones comes back for the twelfth and final season. It will also reportedly end with a giant “twist” that could easily “rival all twist endings” on TV ever.

Bones will also get a “meaningful and satisfying conclusion” when it all ends, tough. Or at least, that’s what Walden and Newman said when they announced the show’s final renewal.

The show’s executive producer Jonathan Collier they’re really stepping things up for the next season. “We’ve pulled out all the stops,” Collier explained in the interview with Ausiello. “We’re really trying to challenge our characters, challenge our relationships, challenge even the safety of those we love and wrapping it up with an incredible surprise… that [would still make] complete sense.”

Booth and Brennan return to Fox with Bones Season 12 in 2017.

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