“Bones” will return this week with all new episodes. What should fans expect from the show’s upcoming season?

Hodgins’ true diagnosis is set to be revealed in the coming episode. The show’s beloved entomologist earlier contracted a disease that paralyzed his legs. But, according to TV Line, he will not let his paralysis stop him from working cases with the team. Could a cure be in sight for him this season? What else will the next few episodes have in store for fans? Below, we round up four other Bones spoilers for the rest of Season 11.

1. Bones has to come to grips with an enormous loss.

No list of Bones spoilers will be complete without discussing Bones herself. Temperance “Bones” Brennan is the hit show’s lead star. According to Buddy TV, the first three episodes will show her as she responds to tragedy and grief. What happens to our favourite forensic anthropologist exactly? What “enormous loss” will Brennan and her team face this season? Stay tuned for more updates.

2. Caroline will face a moral dilemma of sorts.

The season’s first case will find Caroline deeply involved. According to Buddy TV, the victim would be a person she knew and respected. What would cause her dilemma of sorts? Some of the suspects would also be people she knew and respected. How will she act in the face of this sticky situation?

3. Will Wendell prove just how wise he is?

Wendell has had his own experience with sickness recently. Will he be the voice of reason Hodgins need this season?

4. Will Hodgins be bound to a wheelchair from now on?

Buddy TV has hailed actor T.J. Thyne as the next “King of the Wheelchair.” Does this mean his character will really never walk on his own again? No word as of yet to confirm this.