A Manhattan judge ruled against former Bobby Flay’s wife, actress Stephanie March, and struck her demand of $105 million to the celebrity chef.

According to Daily News, March, 41, filed a motion earlier this month demanding $105,000 from Flay for moving costs and her appearances in some Food Network cooking videos.

The former “Law and Order” SVU” star argued in court that the cooking clips violated a term of the divorce agreement that prevented both sides from using the other’s image for profit.

Daily News wrote that March claimed the videos that featured her and Flay cooking a double-crusted peach cobbler and the classic chicken tikka masala throwdown still appear on Youtube and on Food Network website despite the divorce agreement.

However, Manhattan Supreme Justice Matthew Cooper said in striking down March’s claims: “These videos at issue are the flank steak crostini, flank steak guacamole and the grilled sweet potatoes? Sounds like the kind of case that should be in small claims court.”

Flay’s lawyer, Jeremy Betthels, said March’s claims are acts of retaliation.

Daily News quoted Betthels saying: “This is not really about the agreement, it’s not about justice, it’s about revenge.” He added that the Food Network spots predate the couple’s separation and are controlled by the TV network, not his client.

March was also seeking $14,000 for moving expenses after Flay booted her from their Manhattan apartment and Amagansett home. The court also struck such request of March, PageSix noted.

The couple split in April this year amid allegations that Flay, 50, was caught cheating on his wife. Flay denied the allegations and filed for divorce. The pair finalized their divorce in July after 10 years of marriage.

Last month, Flay has been humiliated during an event at New York City’s Times Square recently, where he was tagged as “cheater” by the topless Desnudas dancers.

March’s lawyer denied the actress was involved in the incident.