Just because Netflix’s original thriller–drama television series “Bloodline” has continued with a season 1 and 2, does not mean there will be a season 3. Relevant sources reveal that there is a high possibility that the new season will get cancelled due to the production’s monetary constraints. What is the future of “Bloodline”?

There is no denying that the story line and character portrayal were notable in the first two seasons of “Bloodline.” However, it is not the only thing that helps a show run for longer. Despite a good work on the plot, the second season failed to earn the expected revenue. It looks like the production did not get significant views and value to the streaming service. Such low performance put a big question mark over “Bloodline” Season 3.

Although “Bloodline” Season 2 received a heap of praise from the viewers, it got a low score from Metacritic, says Release Date Info.

On the other hand, just from the mixed reviews, it is still hard to predict “Bloodline’s” future.  Especially when we heard it straight from the horse’s mouth, expectation level increases.

Here is the revelation. In an interview with Deadline, co-creator Glenn Kessler says:

“We always planned on multiple seasons. It’s about the family and the relationships of those family members. Danny was always going to die, like in Crime and Punishment and other stories where it happens early. Bloodline is about watching these relationships evolve.”

Whether or not “Bloodline” pushes through next season is still unclear. Even its show-runner Glenn Kessler did not shed some light on the matter. He told Indiewire:

“Right now we don’t know. We have more we want to try to tell. We hope we get picked up. It’s between the studio and the network.”

According to YIBADA, there is one more side to these speculations. Internet television network Netflix is still resolving the Florida tax incentive issues before it decides to recommence another season. The production is mostly done in the Florida Keys. The series received a large tax incentive, which is expiring in July. Consequently, there is indecisiveness in the production of “Bloodline” season 3.