Bloodline season 3 has been creating a lot of cancellation rumors. Most arose because Netflix has not yet confirmed anything solid about the show’s future. Nevertheless, one shouldn’t stop hoping to watch the installment onscreen, as there is some positive development about it. The series showrunner teased a darker storyline for the next season.

Glenn Kessler, series showrunner, hinted that although Bloodline Season 3 is not yet official, he and other series creators which include Todd A. Kessler and Daniel Zelman always planned to show more seasons. He further mentioned that the next installment may adopt a more dark turn than the previous seasons to discover more on relationships. Bloodline is all about witnessing how relationships develop.

 “We always planned on multiple seasons,” Kessler explained. “It’s about the family and the relationships of those family members.”

The news appeared after Kessler being asked about the chances of Bloodline Season 3 in an interview with Indie Wire. There he also mentioned about the discussions that are going on between the studio and the network, but nothing is finalized yet.

“We have more we want to try to tell. We hope we get picked up. It’s between the studio and the network,” he added.

Besides all these, there is a buzz about the financial crisis that is hovering over the series. The production is apparently dealing with the Florida Keys tax incentive. Until it is not yet sorted out, finalizing the show appears to be an impossible equation.

“Bloodline” Season 2 finale culminated with the dark sides of the series. It showed John Rayburn (Kyle Chandler) murdering his elder brother Danny Rayburn (Ben Mendelsohn). It also witnessed John leaving the Florida Keys sans any clue if he is coming back or not to his family. With such gripping endings, the season left the audience in a highly exciting state to know the fate of “Bloodline” Season 3.

One can hope the issues over Bloodline Season 3 are resolved soon. It should come back in action quickly.