Another feat on “Bloodborne” has been achieved.

GameSpot reports that Lobos Jr, streamer on Popular Dark Souls, was successful in his quest to beat one of “Bloodborne’s” hardest bosses through his character’s bare fists. The website details that Lobos attempted to defeat Ludwig the Accursed for twelve hours at the hardest difficulty possible (New Game + 7). The gamer finally succeeded in a 38-minute fight with the beast.

GameSpot details that Ludwig the Accursed can be found in the “Bloodborne” DLC that has The Old Hunters expansion.

Meanwhile, Kotaku emphasizes that what Lobos did in defeating the Bloodborne DLC boss is no easy task. According to the website’s opinion, Ludwig is the toughest fight and may perhaps be “the hardest boss in all of Bloodborne.”

The website also details that when a gamer beats Bloodborne, he/she can start over with the New Game Plus mode. Kotaku further describes that although nothing much changes in New Game Plus in terms of setting, enemies become more difficult to defeat since they have more health and can do more damage. This only highlights how Jobos’ achievement was a major step in conquering Ludwig the Accursed.

Kotaku describes that in Lobos’ winning fight against Ludwig, the first 20 minutes of the battle was in Ludwig’s favor. The remaining time of the battle sent Lobos into a do-or-die attacks because he was running with only one vial left.

Nevertheless, Lobos Jr proves his skills by slaughtering Ludwig.

On the other hand, Polygon discusses that defeating Ludwig is only one of the many things that Lobos Jr achieved as a gamer. The website details that Lobos is known for defeating The Old Hunters’ toughest bosses by not consuming blood vials, turning off the HUD, and even ditching his armor.

Right now, Polygon says that Lobos is working on defeating Laurence next. While there is still no update on that front, you can check the video below to witness Lobos’ momentous victory over Ludwig the Accursed.