Players of “Bloodborne” are in for a disappointment.

GameSpot reports that Sony Japan recently announced that “Bloodborne” servers have been taken down for an emergency maintenance.

The website says that it is yet unknown until when the servers will be down, but the PlayStation 4 game will still be playable offline.

With regard to the announcement of the emergency maintenance, GameSpot quotes Sony Japan in saying:

“We are currently conducting emergency maintenance on the game servers. The maintenance should be complete within a few days. We will update you again once the maintenance ends.”

Meanwhile, Kotaku treats the emergency maintenance as a bit mysterious and tries to analyze the possible reason why Sony needed to enact a sudden maintenance of the game.

The website notes of Tim Wernicke’s presence on “Bloodborne’s” subreddit. Wernicke is one of the game’s developers who posted a comment regarding the maitenance.

Kotaku quotes the developer as follows:

“Thanks to the community here, we’ve received some really important feedback about an exploit and some serious issues that exist in the game.”

Wernicke adds in the statement that their team is working non-stop to get the game back online.

From the statement, Kotaku’s theory is that the cause of the down time may be related a thread on the game’s subreddit that has since been deleted. The website recalls that the thread was titled “Old Hunter free DLC glitch” (pertaining to a $20 set of DLC) and that some users claimed it did grant free access.

Kotaku points out that if this is indeed the ‘exploit’ Wernicke was talking about then it is worth the emergency maintenance.

Meanwhile, IGN reports that they have also reached out to Sony to determine whether the maintenance is related to taking the bug down, but the website does not report of any response from the company.

For now, “Bloodborne” players may still play the game offline but it is uncertain when the servers will be back up.