Fifteen years ago, artist Tite Kubo came out with the first Bleach manga. Fans have been dreading its end from the start. But, come this fall, Ichigo Kurosaki will officially take his leave. And the longest running serialized manga will finally end. The beloved Bleach hero might also feel irreplaceable. However, fans still have an array of manga series to choose from that might actually help fill the gap Bleach will inevitably leave behind.

Below, we round up seven mangas you should check out once the Bleach manga series ends.

1. One Piece

One Piece might not explore the supernatural realm like Bleach did. But, according to, fans, who enjoyed the power progression Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends went through, will also enjoy this series.

2. Bakemonogatari

Readers who are also looking for something similar but different should check this manga out. Bakemonogatari also explores the “strange world of spirits, gods and ghosts.” But it does so in a “more intelligent” way than similar mangas, like Bleach.

3. Black Lagoon

Fans who are also looking for something more mature could really enjoy Black Lagoon. It is also just as adventure-filled as Bleach. However, it does use a darker style of humor.

4.  Naruto

Meanwhile, fans who enjoyed Bleach’s flow and style might want to check out Naruto. This manga’s overall setting might also be different. But his journey is just as action-packed as Ichigo’s. Below, also recounts the top 10 Naruto battles.

5. Buso Renkin calls this manga a “great option” for Bleach fans. Buso Renkin is also as action packed and funny as Kubo’s masterpiece.

6. Blood +

A vampire movie could have been the inspiration for Blood+. But it’s supernatural theme and “strong horror” could feel very familiar to Bleach fans everywhere.

7. Samurai Champloo

The manga might be a fictionalized period piece. However, Samurai Champloo could be a great Bleach alternative.

According to, Bleach manga will hit bookstores one last time this fall with its 74th volume. Kubo first published the series in the Weekly Shōnen Jump back in 2001. It also remains one of the longest running manga series of all time.