Is Blake Shelton helping boost sales of Gwen Stefani’s latest album? The country singer reportedly purchased multiple copies of “This Is What the Truth Feels Like”.

US Weekly reported that Shelton tweeted a photo of his purchases.

However, in truth Shelton simply went overboard in showing his support for his girlfriend. The singer released “This Is What the Truth Feels Like” on March 18. Stefani tweeted back and called him her “muse”.

Shelton also congratulated Stefani. Her latest album went to no. 1 on iTunes, the website added.

However, their show of affection didn’t end there. HollywoodLife revealed more of the two’s Twitter exchange.

With the release of latest album, many fans want to know if they plan to collaborate in the future. E! Online reported that Gwen Stefani recently chatted with fans on Facebook.

One fan asked if they would have a duet in the future. The singer replied demurely, “In my dreams…”

Stefani also spoke of her experience while working on “This Is What the Truth Feels Like”.

“There’s definitely been a lot of crying. Happy and sad. Hopeful disbelief, but none of it got in the way of making the music come alive.”

“There wasn’t a challenging song; it was just overall a challenging time and the hardest thing to do was probably going to the studio for the first time,” the singer also revealed.

She released her last studio album “The Sweet Escape” in 2006. She also explained how her latest album was about her life and emotions.

“I really don’t want a theme. I really just want it to be emotional. I want it to feel like a light switched turned on. I want it to feel positive and reflective and emotional…Almost like a look at the calendar of what went down for me over the last year.”

Gwen Stefani broke up with ex-husband Gavin Rossdale over news of his infidelity. Her romance with Blake Shelton blossomed on “The Voice” season 9.