The crazy rumors about Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani continue. This time, the couple is said to split up and Stefani’s worried that it is her fault.

Hollywood Take reported that Stefani wants her beau to be with her on tour. However, the country singer refused because he “does not want to be a sidekick for two months.”

Aside from that, a source from Hollywood Gossip also claimed that Shelton would not join because he got his own gigs booked.

The news stated that Stefani’s worried that her boyfriend would cheat on her while she’s away. Notably, that was the reason why she ended her 13-year marriage to ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale.

Furthermore, the celebrity magazine also claimed that the couple has indifferences, hence a breakup. Fortunately, Gossip Cop slammed the rumors by stating that the hearsays are all false.

Hollywood Take also brought up the speculation that Stefani is pregnant. But then, the singer addressed the issue and had learned to “laugh off the reports.”

“Can you imagine the amount of gossipy, weird stories people make up? To me, it makes me laugh every day. I actually do Google my name just so I can see the next one that’s gonna happen because it’s gotten so out of control,”quotes E! Online.

“The best part about it is it’s hilarious. The worst part about it is that some people actually believe that stuff. Like, that is what’s funny.”

Shelton also mocks the rumors by joking about pregnancy in another E! Online article. “I read that we’re having twins in the latest tabloid, and I think you can fit two humans in [my belly]. Maybe three in there!”

So far, their fans can see that the couple is going strong. The duo has been dating for more than 6 months now

Despite the news, an insider told US Weekly that the couple, of course, wants to get marry and build a family. The source claimed that Blake Shelton is ready to pop the big question to Stefani.

“Blake could propose to Gwen very soon,” a source close to Shelton reportedly revealed. “Gwen is everything he wants.” More news about Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani so stay tuned.