Are they or aren’t they? There are floating reports that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are breaking up because of “trust issues.”

The No Doubt singer had broken up with her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale because of alleged cheating. The past news revealed that he was cheating on Stefani with their kids’ Australian nanny Mindy Mann.

Her past experience must have caused her some anxiety. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Stefani wants to keep an eye on Shelton while she’s on her “This is What the Truth Feels Like Tour.”

A source from the website exclaimed that she wants him to join the tour because she’s afraid that the same thing would happen. However, Shelton allegedly refused.

The source said that the country crooner does not want to be her “sidekick” for two months. Aside from that, Shelton got his own gigs.

With all these hearsays and speculations, Gossip Cop quickly slammed the rumors. The vigilant outlet states that none of the split issues are true.

Additionally, Stefani has learned to laugh at the issues plaguing her relationship. “Can you imagine the amount of gossipy, weird stories people make up? To me, it makes me laugh every day,” quotes E! Online.

On the other hand, Blake Shelton admits that the issues are just plain funny. He joked about being pregnant in another  E! Online article.

More than that, the 40-year-old singer admits that he is happier being with his current girlfriend. He revealed his feelings about his divorce with Miranda Lambert and his relationship with Stefani on Chelsea Handler News.

He admitted on the interview that he’s nervous talking about the separation. However, he said that it serves as one of the inspiration for making the album “If I’m Honest.”

Shelton added that knowing Stefani is going on the same situation made it like everything they have gone through was bound to happen. At one point, Handler asked if he’s happier right now.

“Oh, there’s no question about that,” he answers. It looks like the couple are having the time of the lives.

More news about Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani very soon.