Could this be the season for breakups, as the latest news revealed the possibility of a Blake Shelton Gwen Stefani split?

Gwen Stefani is reportedly upset over Blake Shelton’s recent encounter with his ex-Miranda Lambert. Sources saw him and his ex-wife chatting backstage at the ACM Honors held last August 30. The country music couple’s divorce rocked the industry last year.

Seeing both of them in the same place and talking with one another likely made the situation less awkward for onlookers. Cheating rumors plagued the couple following the announcement of their split. However, since then, both have moved on to their own respective romances. Thus, they seemed to have let go of the past and made peace.

This would be nice since Blake Shelton also encouraged Gwen Stefani to talk with her ex-husband. It showed the country singer is secure in his relationship with Gwen. Moreover, he is man enough to acknowledge Gavin Rossdale’s role in the children’s life as their father. This contradicted earlier speculation that the meeting with her ex-husband would result in a Blake Shelton Gwen Stefani split.

However, Gwen Stefani might not share the same sentiment, according to OK! Magazine. Celeb Dirty Laundry cited the publication’s latest edition wherein Blake’s reunion with Miranda alarmed Gwen. Moreover, his girlfriend reportedly texted his ex-wife with a warning to stay away from him. Yet Miranda allegedly did not back down from Gwen. Consequently, it led to an exchange of insults by way of texting.

“Gwen went on a rampage, and Miranda didn’t hold back either… God help them all if they come face to face anytime soon,” CDL cited OK! Magazine’s source. Would this suggest trust issues between Gwen and Blake? A previous report highlighted the alleged cheating of her ex-husband might have led to her anxiety, hence her fears it would also happen with Blake.

Will the feud over Miranda Lambert push the Blake Shelton Gwen Stefani split?