Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have a duet titled “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” and the information was allegedly leaked by Stefani herself. Here is the catch about their duet that is included in Shelton’s upcoming album.

The No Doubt singer shared a snapshot of Shelton’s album on her Twitter account with the hashtag #ispymyname. As her followers could notice, she is featured in one of his songs.

Mail Online believes that Shelton and Stefani’s collaboration is a “natural thing to do.” Besides, their voices blend perfectly well so a duet is already expected. The lyrics and the audio version of the duet are still being kept under wraps so stay tuned for the updates.

The couple met each other during the previous season of “The Voice” when Stefani temporarily sat on the big red chair while Christina Aguilera is on maternity leave. Meanwhile, Shelton has been one of the permanent coaches.

They started out as friends while both facing divorce with their former partners. Shelton was first separated to Miranda Lambert and later on, Stefani filed separation papers against her ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale.

While going through the hard times, both offered their shoulder to cry one. Hence, they were rumoured to be romantically involved.

However, they shocked the public when they came out as a couple last year, and for that, “The Voice” gained higher ratings and more profits. But since Christina Aguilera returns on Season 10, Stefani became one of Shelton’s team adviser.

It has been reported that Aguilera was furious about the couple’s PDA that she was throwing tantrums on the set. “Christina is furious… and is already throwing mini tantrums about it,” the insider allegedly told Mirror.

More than that, there are speculations that the “Beautiful” singer said that Stefani has no vocal talent and she does not deserve to be part of the show.