Blake Shelton admitted to a remarkable bond with Gwen Stefani. The country star confessed that while he doesn’t collaborate with anyone when penning songs, with Stefani, it just felt right.

Stefani recently tweet leaked title of their duet. Titled, “Go Ahead and Break My Heart,” it is a part of Shelton’s new album, “If I’m Honest” states Entertainment Tonight. “[The song] is very personal for us both because, you know, we obviously have this bond that is remarkable together,” Shelton confessed. However, the star also pointed out that the collaboration may be a onetime thing and may not happen in future.

“But the fact that we wrote a song together… I know that I don’t co-write that much because I’m very insecure about it I guess and [Gwen’s] kind of got her circle of people that she writes with. But for us to reach out to each other as writers, it may never happen again, who knows,” he added.

The couple, who hooked on the sets of “The Voice” have been going strong. They were in news when Stefani tweeted the snapshot of Shelton’s album. Inquisitr reveals that it was in fact Blake Shelton’s idea to let his girlfriend announce the duet title. “We finally got a mock-up of the album … And we flip it over and it has all the songs. I said, ‘You know what? Take a picture of that and tweet it,’” he said.

While that is all that Shelton is ready to reveal, Inquisitr informs that the duet is a mid-tempo ballad. The song is about telling a lover to leave a relationship if that is what he/she wants. “I hesitate to brag on it too much but I really think that it’s as good of a song as I’ve ever written in my life,” said Shelton.