Android loyalists are soon going to have another option added to the list of carriers bringing out BlackBerry Priv, running their favorite OS. It appears that the BlackBerry handset will be arriving through T-Mobile sooner rather than later.

PhoneArena has received a leaked image of what looks like the January 2016 activity calendar for T-Mobile. The calendar clearly shows a “Blackberry Venice Launch” marked down for January 26. As tech aficionados may recollect Venice was the code name used for BlackBerry Priv.

For BlackBerry aficionados in the US, they have the option to call for the unlocked Priv from the official Walmart and BlackBerry website. A locked variant can be snagged from AT&T, with the device coming soon on Verizon and Big Red.

There has been no word from the carrier in question, T-Mobile. The carrier has chosen to stay mum on the arrival of BlackBerry Priv. As per report, it was in November when word about T-Mobile being in talks with BlackBerry was doing the rounds. Even after that a peep wasn’t heard from the carrier and its plans to be carrying the BlackBerry Priv.

Now, report suggests a January 26 launch and those with T-Mobile can began to cross down days until the slide-out handset arrives.

The specs as shared by GSM Arena read out to be a 5.4 inches display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 808, with 32GB internal memory and 3GB RAM. As for the snappers onboard, it boasts of an 18 MP, Schneider-Kreuznach optics primary snapper and a 2 MP secondary camera.

For all those who have missed using a QWERTY keypad in the world of touchphones, may want to be looking at this option which features a slide-out keypad. BlackBerry loyalists can keep coming back to check for updates as we inch closer to the predicted D-day of the device arriving through T-Mobile.