Black Panther is the most anticipated superhero next to Spiderman in “Captain America: Civil War,” as the movie hits theaters on May 6.

While several fans are looking forward to seeing him, Black Panther is Marvel’s first black superhero as well. Chadwick Boseman is the actor playing the superb and skilled superhero.

According to Marvel, Black Panther’s shift from his alter ego T’Challa to his superhero identity was not accidental. T’Challa is a brilliant , strategist, tactician, scientist, tracker and a master of all forms of unarmed combat.

He is known to have a hybrid fighting style, which involves acrobatics and aspects of animal mimicry.

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Here’s a list of five reasons why Boseman believes that Black Panther is not just a superhero.

A Politician

According to Boseman, T’Challa isn’t a superhero. “You could argue that he’s not a superhero,” Boseman said.

Boseman said that T’Challa is probably the only superhero who’s a king of a nation, and that makes him politician as well.

A Human

Boseman believes that the thing that makes Black Panther special is that he’s strong, but he’s not the strongest. There’s no superpower involved.

There is more agility, more wit and more ingenuity to this character, says the actor, says Toronto Sun.

A Revolution

Black Panther made his first appearance in Fantastic Four Vol. 1 #52, which was published in 1966. During the time of the character’s inception there had zero presence of a black superhero printed in any main-stream comic book series.

Black Panther was more of a revolutionary choice, made by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. They included the character in a time when racial tensions were extremely volatile.

A King

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T’Challa is the successor of a royal line and, as a result, becomes king of his nation. He is the king of a fictional kingdom in Africa called Wakanda, says The Inquisitor.

A Legend

If one has read the comic and knows him, Black Panther has to live up to the legacy of other Black Panthers who came before T’Challa.

“It’s that same thing as if your dad was a rock star, then how do you live up to being a rock star? How do you live up to being a king? How do you live up to a superhero?” Boseman said.

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It is a big part of T’Challa’s persona – that he has to prove himself.