One of the most looked-forward-to shopping events falls on the month before Christmas – The Black Friday Sale. Each year, it happens to be the biggest shopping event in America with different stores throwing its great deals and big discounts.

With the rise of online shopping, Australians won’t need to visit America to avail those amazing bargains! We’ve listed below twelve tips to help you get the best deals from the Black Friday Sale this year.

1. Take note of the duration of the sale.

The Black Friday Sale happens on the day after Thanksgiving. This year, it will happen on November 27, 2015. notes that Australians should watch out for the deals starting 4PM of the said date.

2. Watch out for early treats.

It’s always best to do your research. The site mentions that some retailers even have deals before Black Friday Sale. Maybe they have promos even before Thanksgiving?

3. Find out their past promos.

To know which stores usually have the best deals, check out past articles about them. In 2014, listed Banana Republic, Amazon, and Macy’s among those who have the best online deals for Australians.

4. Sign up for ad release.

Check out websites which has Black Friday Sale advertisements. Don’t forget to sign up and get notified!

5. Browse different websites.

Nonetheless, don’t rely too much on email notifications. Browse through different sites to know more about what they would offer.

6. Look for the Doorbuster Deal.

Good news for Australians! notes that these doorbuster deals which have the cheapest price are usually posted online.

7. Avoid electronics. advises Australian shoppers to remember that some electronics might not work. For instance, that electronic would require an adapter or transformer.

8. Make sure the store ships worldwide.

When you’ve found a great deal, make sure that they ship to Australia. suggests that Australians should take advantage of Australia Post’s ShopMate Service.

9. Free shipping

But of course, it would be better if they’ll let you avail of free shipping!

10. Pick out the items ahead of time. founder John Dunkins told PCWorld. that online shoppers should put the items they want in the shopping cart at an earlier date. On Thanksgiving, check out if the products changed into Black Friday Sale prices.

11. Monitor sites.

On the event day, make sure to monitor the sites as the “online sale goes live,” as mentioned on PCWorld. Keep on reloading!

12. Cyber Monday

In case you miss the Black Friday Sale, don’t fret because there’s still Cyber Monday. This is the online version of the Black Friday Sale which would be on November  30, 2015.

Start early and don’t forget to use these tips. Happy Shopping!