Many eyes will be searching the aisles and combing the web for some really neat tech deals and then there will also be those wanting to peruse through sale options on Windows Surface models.

Windows aficionados won’t be disappointed as there are some really neat deals available on the Surface lineup. With the latest laptop from the tech giant already garnering attention as well as the new gen Surface Pro 4, many fans may still want to get a hold of the Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3.

Some of the best deals can be found at Best Buy, Windows store and Costco.

Best Buy

Best Buy is offering some great savings on both the models. The surface Pro 3 is available at $300 off than its original price.

Head here to take a look at the deal available on this 12-inch model.

The Surface 3 is retailing at $100 off than its original price. The offering is lighter and smaller than its elder sibling and naturally, it’s cheaper than the high-end variant. The 128GB Silver 10.8-inch model is available at a price of $499.99 on-sale with free shipping. The 64GB variant is selling for $399.99.

Take a look at the 64GB deal here and the 128GB here.


Microsoft is offering the best deal on the Surface 3 with a $150 discount. If this wasn’t enough, the company has also thrown in the Type Cover, which otherwise has to be bought separately. Additionally, there is also $200 off for those looking to snag the Surface Pro 3.

Head here to check the deals on the offerings from Microsoft.


Those who want to buy the Pro 3, may want to look at what Costco is offering since it appears to be one of the best deals so far on the model. The Surface Pro 3 128GB version with Intel Core i5 as well as Office 365 Personal and Windows 10 is available with the Type Cover and pen, just for $899. There is also the $100 off on the Surface 3. Head to the official Costco website to check out the deals.

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