Blac Chyna still loves Tyga? A Hollywood Life report reveals she is still not over her ex. If given a second chance, she is likely to take it.

In spite of her trash talk, an insider told the site that Chyna would drop Rob if Tyga gives her a second chance.

“Blac Chyna is into Rob. She likes him, but if Tyga ever decided to take her back she’d drop Rob in a second.” The insider added, “She trash talks Tyga all the time but it’s pretty obvious she’s still in love with him. Rob could end up getting vey hurt here; he’s playing with fire.”

The new couple has only been dating for two weeks. Nevertheless, they have already taken the relationship a step forward. Recently, Rob moved into Chyna’s house though temporarily as TMZ learned.

Rob getting the boot from his sister Khloe’s house, prompted the move, another Hollywood Life report noted. The Kardashians are not particularly happy about Rob’s current romance.

As reported on People Magazine, Khloe feels betrayed that Rob moved in with Chyna. She stood up for him and helped him countless times.

Particularly pissed by the relationship is half-sister Kylie Jenner. She also feels betrayed by the whole affair.

It is clear that Rob likes Chyna. Even though his family objects to his current relationship. She is taking care of him. It seems he is also getting back into shape with her help.

Recently, Chyna posted a short video of their work out on Snapchat. Short clips show the couple at the gym. A breakfast plate with a healthy meal also got into the shot.

None of the shots shows Rob’s face. However, TMZ reported that several clues provided proof that it is Rob with Chyna in the gym. Noticeably, the person in the clip wears Yeezys. This particular footwear is highly associated with the Kardashian-Jenner brand.