Kris Jenner freaked out on Rob Kardashian’s fatherhood and urged him to take a paternity test on Blac Chyna’s pregnancy to ensure he’s the real father of the child.

Rob Kardashian already refused his mom’s plea to take the test and prove the baby is really his. Hollywood Life insider said, “Rob has no intentions of getting a DNA test to prove he’s the father of Blac’s child. He trusts her completely and believes he is the only man that Blac has been with since they began dating.”

“He laughed off suggestions that he isn’t the father by joking with Kris about how he would go on Maury to prove it. He took her suggestion with a pinch of salt, and understands where she is coming from, but doesn’t think it’s necessary,” the source added.  

According to Hollywood Life‘s recent report, Kris was not pleased with his son’s loyalty to Blac Chyna and had announced earlier she won’t give up the fight.

An inside source revealed she freaked out with Rob’s current situation and her only motive for urging the test is to protect him. The source stated, “Kris is freaking out that Rob is not making Blac take a paternity test and is urging him to reconsider.”

“Rob has made so much progress in the last year since Blac has entered his life, and Kris feels Rob may never be able to recover from a betrayal on this level. Kris loves her son and is doing everything in her power to protect his best interests,” the statement continued.

Another outside source shared that Kris may not have known Blac Chyna that well, causing her to create these kinds of issues on her pregnancy. Earlier, it was also revealed that Kris has already used the model’s trip photos with Amber Rose in Trinidad surrounded by men.

However, Blac Chyna has already told the public she won’t take the paternity test without Khloe Kardashian doing the same with O.J. Simpson.

The model was not pleased with the issue of her betrayal to fiance Rob Kardashian. Despite the stress she’s facing from Rob Kardashian’s family, she’s enjoying her pregnancy the second time around. In fact, she was so proud that she shared the ultrasound image of her second baby in her Instagram account.