It was reported that Blac Chyna has already gained 20 pounds due to her pregnancy, although news of it was only announced a few weeks back.

In a Scapchat video, her three-year-old son asked her about the future baby’s gender. In the video, she is seen curling up on the couch with King Cairo as he makes a number of questions about the baby.

“Is it a boy or a girl?” he asks.

“I don’t know. What do you want it to be?” his mother answers.

After that, he lies down on Blac Chyna before realizing that he might be “squishing” the baby. King Cairo asked if he was squishing the baby, and Blac Chyna laughed and said that he wasn’t, says Hollywood Life.


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The 28-year-old model shared news related to her pregnancy in a series of Snapchat videos on May 21. In one of those videos, she could be seen measuring her body weight.

She revealed to her son King Cairo in the video that she had already gained 20 pounds since conceiving Rob Kardashian’s offspring.


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The pregnant model posted the weigh-in video, where she exclaimed to her son as the number 163.2 appeared on the screen.

“Let’s see,” she said before stepping on the scale.

“Uh oh! Mommy gained 20 pounds.”

#PressPlay Little #Kardashian is definitely getting bigger! #BlacChyna has gained 20 pounds so far!

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The news comes not long after she targeted the trolls who criticized her body when she gained weight.

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In a deleted post, Blac took on those making fun of her body. She said that all those people who are making “negative comments and insecure words” should know that she is having a baby. She also added that these people are doing such things because it is obvious that they have nothing else to do but criticize.

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She also mentioned that that she wanted her pregnancy to be as pleasant as possible. According to Daily Mail, her objective is to keep any negativity away from her future child.