An Australian entrepreneur named Craig Steven Wright claims that he’s the creator of bitcoin. He came out on Monday to identify himself as the creator of the virtual currency after the media reported it almost five months ago.

Where is the substantial pile of the digital currency that he had claimed to be his inventio? Does he plan to sell it? Here are the only information we know so far:

Wright’s technical evidence

Wright had conceded through his blog post that he had developed the original software under the Pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto; however, it has been disputed by others. Bitcoin community has also confirmed his claims based on Wright’s technical evidence, including the original encryption keys, as reported by BBC.

The identity of Satoshi Nakatomo

Wired and Gizmodo had named Wright as the creator of bitcoin in December. According to the media interviews published Monday, Wright had come to the conclusion that public needs to know the identity of Satoshi Nakatomo to end the press speculations and the unwanted attention on his work and family.

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Previously, more than one person has been identified as the original creator.

Bitcoin has libertarian roots

Bitcoin received no central issuing authority as well as no public ledger was found to verify transactions. However, merchants around the world had made it more mainstream. Banks such as Goldman Sachs and Citigroup was also interested by its underlying technology.

Wright’s humble beginning

Before he was identified as the creator of the Bitcoin, the inventor lived in a modest home on a quiet tree-lined street in the suburb of Gordon. It was noted that his home was about 13 kilometers (8 miles) away from Sydney’s central business district.

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Social media profile

Previously, Wright’s social-media profile suggested that he is a man with an enthusiasm for virtual currency and computing. His deleted LinkedIn profile said that he was the chief executive officer of DeMorgan Ltd, notes Bloomberg. He is also said to have numerous college degrees and had also worked as a chef for a short period.