Gaming giant 2K Games will launch the Collector’s Edition of the “BioShock” series really soon. Gamers and fans alike have been waiting to add to their BioShock collection for a while now. But their wait is almost over. If rumors are true, 2K Games even has a bigger surprise in store for them than they realize.

What could be more exciting than the launch itself?

“BioShock: The Collection” might be the only thing fans are expecting to get.  However, 2K will offer them more than this game bundle. The gaming developer will be giving out free remastered versions of their old BioShock games when the game collection drops.

Or at least, the company would if’s report on the matter proves to be true. According to the gaming blog, a gamer with an existing BioShock collection could get the upgrades free of charge.

That means, someone with BioShock 1, BioShock 2 or Minerva’s Den by the time “The Collection” rolls out can receive the remastered version for free. The gamer in question need not have all three previous versions, though. He or she can get a free upgrade for each individual version.

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A post shared by Bioshock (@bioshockinfinite) on and Gadgets 360 also listed ways fans can save more money in the long run with these games. According to these blogs, even those who currently don’t own the previous “BioShock” versions can avail of the free upgrades when they come later this year. They just have to buy these games as soon as possible to qualify for them.

These gamers can even maximize their savings through the Stream Summer sale. “BioShock: The Collection” will each retail for $59.99 (around Au$80) in September. But gamers can get the current versions through Stream for under $20 (around AU$27).

However, the gaming blog pointed out that buying the BioShock collection might be less of a hassle compared to this. These free BioShock upgrades will not be available until September 13th.

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