Billy Crystal may leave America and settle down in New Zealand, if Donald Trump becomes the next US president. According to the 68-year-old actor, the Republican candidate is a “maniac.”

Crystal will be back in Australia in July and August with “An Evening of Sit Down with Billy Crystal,” which is going to be hosted by Andrew Denton. His return marks the huge success of his play, “700 Sunday,” in the country in 2007.

The celebrated comedian-actor has strong views about Trump. He said the GOP frontrunner was “like a reality show beyond belief.”

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“I mean, it buries the Kardashians,” Crystal told Fairfax Media. “I keep wondering what people internationally think as they watch these debates [with] Trump and Cruz. It’s embarrassing.”

He also wondered if Trump was the best the country had as an option for a new leader. He calls it “scary” that America has the real estate businessman as one of the top choices for the White House.

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The Boston Globe earlier tried to picture America’s future with Trump sitting in the top seat. It created a fake front page, dated April 9, 2017, and imagined how the United States could be under Trump’s leadership.

“Deportations to begin,” the front page headline says. “President Trump calls for tripling of ICE force; riots continue.” It has headlines like “markets sink as trade war looms” and “curfews extended in multiple cities.” It also has headlines like “US soldiers refuse orders to kill ISIS families.”

The editor left a note about the imaginary front page. “This is Donald Trump’s America. What you read on this page is what might happen if the GOP front-runner can put his ideas into practice, his words into actions,” the note says.

Crystal may find “a nice little ranch in New Zealand” to run away from President Trump. Meanwhile, tickets will be available for his show go on sale on April 18. Here goes the schedule of the show, presented by Dainty Group:

Auckland: ASB Theatre, July 4 and 5.

Sydney: Star Event Centre, July 10 and 11.

Brisbane: Brisbane Concert Hall, July 18 and 19.

Perth: Riverside Theatre, July 25 and 28.

Melbourne: State Theatre, August 1 and 2.