Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has publicly declared that he is backing Labor leader Bill Shorten in the upcoming Federal Elections on July 2.

Writing on his official Twitter account, Rudd was quick to quash rumors after waking up to the news that he will not be supporting Shorten by writing: “As former Labor PM and ALP member of 35 years I’m proud to endorse him.”

Publications on Monday by News Corp Australia reported that Rudd had declined to comment on possibly having a Shorten government.

Rudd’s spokesperson said that he had a “longstanding policy not to comment on Australian domestic politics” when asked what Shorten could give as prime minister of the country.

But Rudd remained true to form, having commented on politics in Australia plenty of times ever since he retired from Parliament after he lost the 2013 elections to Tony Abbott, according to Nine News.

Back in September, Rudd gamely congratulated current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull after Abbott was ousted from the post.

“Best wishes to Malcolm Turnbull becoming Australia’s 29th Prime Minister. Huge job with huge challenges. Therese and I wish he and Lucy well,’’ Rudd wrote.

Other Australian political matters he’s tweet since September include commending the addition of Pat Dodson in the senate and applauding the appointment of Stan Grant to the referendum council of the Prime Minister.

Rudd also talked up his own track record in the government on the social media site, according to

Shorten and Turnbull are set to go head to head in the upcoming Federal Elections this year and now the electoral campaigns for both parties are in full swing.

Competition between both parties proved to be tight based on surveys conducted by The Australian and Fairfax Media, with each of them having different takes on how to tackle certain issues in the country.