A group of bystanders gathered their courage and stopped a biker from allegedly raping a woman on Sunday, metres away from the Jill Meagher rape incident.

The incident took place 300 metres from where Jill Meagher was sexually assaulted and murdered in September 2012. The group not only saved the woman from being assaulted but also arrested the biker who attempted to commit the crime. News.com.au approached Victoria police for details, but the officers remained silent on the matter.

There were three bystanders who accosted the 20-year-old suspected rapist from Coburg. The suspect, however, is due to face court on Tuesday on charges of committing a sexual offence, sexual assault and unlawful assault. One of the bystanders, who chose for his identity to remain hidden, told Fairfax Media that he was returning home via the Upfield bike path in Brunswick at about 10:30 p.m. on Sunday when he noticed a bike close to the Anstey railway station. He claimed that he heard a woman screaming and hence stopped to investigate.

He thought the couple had an argument and asked them if everything was okay. But the woman, who was wrestled to the ground, screamed that the man trying to sexually abuse her. Immediately, the attacker fled from the spot and the witness chased him. The Good Samaritan caught and punched the alleged rapist, with two other men joining him later. “We all tackled him to the ground and he was so strong, it took three [of us] to hold him down,” the man told Fairfax. “This guy was ranting and raving. This guy was not with it,” the witness said.

The kind witness claimed that the police took around 15 minutes to arrive the scene while a Victorian police spokeswoman said they arrived at the spot within four minutes. The latter added the force arrived along with Protective Service Officers.

According to reports, the victim was in her 30s. The bystander who saved the woman was grateful to the two other men who helped him knock the suspect down. Police also praised the courageous individuals for showing up and solving the whole matter, saving another life from a Jill Meagher circumstance.