The “Biggest Loser” 2016 finale airs live on NBC on February 22 at 9 to 11 p.m. ET. Season 17 featured a new theme, called “Temptation Nation”.

The ending for “Biggest Loser” 2016 promises to be historic. Here are a few things you should know about it.

TV Grapevine revealed the final episode reunites its sixteen contestants.

For the special reunion, the contestants eliminated early on have a chance to compete for the “at home” prize of USD 100,000 (approx. AUD 140,000). They weigh in for one last time.

The audience also finds out who among the three finalists wins the grand prize of USD 250,000 (approx. AUD 350,000).

The February 15 episode revealed Roberto Hernandez from Burbank, IL and Stephen Kmet from Hainesport, NJ as two of the three finalists.

For the third spot, TV Grapevine speculates it could be Jacky Kmet, Stephen’s wife, or Colby Wright from K’Ville, GA.

Gossip and Gab added the final three could be an all-male finale showdown. However, if Wright fails to lose weight, then it would be the Kmets versus Hernandez.

According to Gossip and Gab, Wright needs to lose seven or more pounds for the competition. If not, the final spot goes to Mrs. Kmet.

The website also noted that if Wright becomes a finalist then Jacky can vie for the “at home” prize.

Courier Post Online revealed the Kmet couple were former athletes. However, with their busy schedules, there was no time to exercise or prepare healthy food.

When asked about the results of the show, Jacky Kmet revealed, “For me, it wasn’t about TV at all, it was about the experience.” She added, “I had an extraordinary experience there.”

She Knows revealed Wright is a fan favorite on the show. The website noted that viewers were thrilled for Wright and impressed by his weight loss.

She Knows also posted tweets from fans who got upset by the cliffhanger ending last February 15. Many wanted to find out if Wright made the cut.