The Big Brother house in the UK will get four new housemates this week. The reality show’s guests have already arrived at one of Britain’s most popular houses, but fans will only get to see them on tonight’s episode. What do the “Big Brother 2016” new arrivals have in store for the show’s British viewers?

The show’s host, Emma Willis, earlier promised that the newly arrived guests would “shake things up” in the house. How would they do that exactly? More importantly, who are these new housemates anyway?

Viewers might only see them for the first time tonight. However, according to Mail Online, some of the original housemates have already seen the new arrivals before their stint on the popular reality show. Some of them have romantic links and ties. Some of them have even known them since they were born. One housemate in particular, Laura Carter, was reportedly in quite a shock after the introduction of the new guests.

The girls are being very Eco sharing the bath water. 🛀 #BBUK

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Carter’s ‘long lost love’ Bernard Belmar is one of the four new arrivals at the “Big Brother 2016” house. Carter has been sharing a couple of X-rated moments with fellow housemate Marco Pierre White Jr. since the show’s start. How will their relationship change after Belmar’s arrival? Fans will have to tune in this week to find out.

We think Ryan needs another lesson, in how to play hide and seek. 👀 #BBUK

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Aside from Belmar, Emma Jensen’s boyfriend and Hughie Maughan’s mother will also join in and stay at the house for some time. Meanwhile, according to Mirror UK, the fourth new arrival, Ed, will enter the house to propose to housemate Andy West.

So much love. Andy said YES!!!! Head to the website to see the video.💍⛪️🍾💘 #BBUK

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“Big Brother 2016” UK airs every night on Channel 5.