“Big Brother” 2016 viewers, who thought they’d seen the last of Marco Pierre White Jr. and Laura Carter, guess again. The couple seems to be back together and naughtier than ever.

The attraction might have been too much to ignore as the “Big Brother” housemates were back in each other’s arms after only a day apart, Metro reported. Thus, viewers can likely count on more mischief from the pair. The couple earlier agreed to end their fling following Carter’s observation of White’s behavior towards her since their sexy tryst. She later confirmed speculations about their alleged on-air sex act much to the dismay of White, the Mirror wrote.

“When we (her & Marco) were in bed together the other night, we had sex,” the publication quoted Carter’s conversation with fellow housemate Lateysha Grace.

“It wasn’t full blown sex, but we had sex basically,” Carter added. Yet White’s reaction to her disclosure would likely come as a surprise to viewers who’ve watched recent episodes of “Big Brother.”

“Oh MY GOD! What’s my family and my fiancée going to say?” the publication quoted White’s reaction. The 21-year model is now reportedly worried about his status in the outside world, Mail Online wrote. His concern stems from a comment written on his photograph as part of a task carried out by The Others. The words “Marry me?” shocked White and he discussed this with Grace as well.

“They wrote “marry me?” That’s too far if that breaks me up (and) my fiancee that’s f***ed,” White told Grace. Yet he maintained his defense for his recent actions with Carter after Grace pointed out the obvious reason for his dilemma.

“I think you in bed would break up your relationship,” Grace said. “I’ve got a hall pass!” White replied before he walked away. His fiancée, Kim Melville-Smith, remains silent about his actions on “Big Brother,” the Huffington Post wrote. However, her Twitter posts seem to “say everything by saying nothing,” the publication noted. She’s also showed her appreciation for supportive tweets from other users.