The Sunday telecast of “Big Brother 2016” might have brought on big ratings for the show but it also earned over 250 complaints from outraged viewers.

The actions of “Big Brother” housemates Marco Pierre White Jr. and Laura Carter left a bad taste among audiences as they appeared to take their flirting the next level with what looked like on air sex, Daily Mail reported. The pair’s sexual antics featured during the 9 p.m. highlights show sickened viewers who expressed their thoughts on Twitter. Moreover, it led to two hundred fifty-two complaints at the Office of Communications. The particular episode is under review by the government agency, the publication noted. Hence, it’s still unknown if White or Carter would be axed from the show.

“Big Brother” warned White earlier about how his actions towards Carter made her feel uncomfortable and reminded him about “unwanted touching,” the Mirror reported.

“Big Brother wants to talk to you about your behavior in the house and remind you that it is important to always respect your fellow housemates’ physical boundaries. That includes uninvited physical contact. Big Brother just wants to make sure no one’s in a situation where they might feel uncomfortable. And that includes anyone in the house,” the publication quoted the warning from “Big Brother.” Yet in the same episode, Carter told a different story to the other housemates.

“I’m really weirdly drawn to him. I definitely would f*** him, I’d want him to f*** me really hard,” she said. White’s fiancée has also come forward following White and Carter’s “sex” scenes on “Big Brother” last Sunday, OK! reported. As it turns out, White is engaged to Kim Melville-Smith and she isn’t happy about his onscreen intimacy. The housemate claimed to have an “open kind of thing” with Smith who supposedly gave him a “hall pass” for the show. The fashion designer clarified White’s claims about their relationship.

However, their closeness might be due to a previous connection as photos showed they knew each other before joining the show. Hence, speculations are rife about a “Big Brother” fix, The Sun reported. The production claimed to have no knowledge of this but couldn’t also deny its possibility, the publication noted.

Housemate White is the son and namesake of acclaimed chef Marco Pierre White who guested on “MasterChef Australia.”