The latest Big Brother 18 spoilers would suggest a first-of-its-kind event might happen on the reality show. However, is the couple involved happy about the chance of a baby on the way?

Given their circumstances, housemates eventually hook up throughout the production. Some manage to sustain the relationship even outside in the real world like Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly from Big Brother 12 back in 2010. The year earlier introduced Jeff Schroeder to Jordan Lloyd.

Of late, the couple of the season appear to be Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks, although before they hooked up, she was with Hayden Voss. Her relationship with Corey also showed a marked difference when she was with Hayden. As viewers have seen, the boundaries she put up with Hayden are not applicable with Corey.

Hence, it might have led to one of the shocking Big Brother 18 spoilers ever to come. Nicole is having a tough time lately and Corey’s reception to her concern seemed to add to her worry. Women would likely identify with her as she revealed it has been 90 days since she had her period, according to the Twitter post from @JokersBBUpdates.

This is certainly a first for the Big Brother household if Nicole’s concerns do turn out positive. However, Corey’s indifference to her revelation was disheartening. Would it mean their relationship was only for the show? On the other hand, was he in shock at the chance he might be a father already? Regardless, producers seem to have missed this secret when they made their revelations early on.

Aside from their possible pregnancy, NiCorey also play a critical role in the upcoming live evictions. Their vote would determine if James and Natalie or maybe both end up leaving the Big Brother house. Alliances are common among housemates, although it does entail a bit of manipulation. Viewers might recall Paul and Paulie’s showdown wherein the latter was able to get the former’s vote against Da’Vonne.

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