The Big Brother 18 spoilers straight from the live feed show that a Paul vs Paulie showdown is bound to happen.

As the housemates form their alliances, a clear and distinct boundary between Paul and Paulie is starting to show. Lying, brainwashing and deceiving are the strategies housemates used to coax one another to join a faction.

Paulie and the Medallion

With the Power of Veto medallion, Paulie has the upper hand when voting comes. That is why he picked Da’Vonne to be nominated for eviction. At first, the rest of his faction goes along with plan. However, Paul gets wiser and forms an opinion different from Paulie’s.

With Paulie’s manipulation, he was able to turn Paul around to vote for Da’Vonne when he convinces Paul he might get the nomination once Zakiyah and Michelle get their way.

Paul’s Dodgy Moves as HoH

As HoH, Paul had the call regarding where housemates lounge around. With liquor to keep the group going, Paul strongly suggests the girls share the pool and hot tub with him. As the group drinks well into the night, Paul lets in Zakiyah on his idea of evicting Bridgette. Too bad Paul learns late about Zakiyah’s sneaky move of putting his head on the chopping block given the chance.

Paulie vs Paul Showdown

Though the two men possess significant power sources in the house right now, it seems Paulie has has won the first round of the showdown. Paulie has cleverly directed Paul’s attention to his own safety and stay in the house. It doesn’t really matter whether there’s any semblance of truth to Paulie’s theory about the girls’ move. What matters is that Paulie has directed the way the nomination will go down.

Paulie Gets His Way

In a way, Paul does, too. Both Da’Vonne and Bridgette are nominated. However, after Paulie successfully reels Paul in, it seems Da’Vonne will get the eviction on Thursday. The four guys are on board with Paulie. They are determined to vote Da’Vonne off. Meanwhile, Zakiyah and Michelle are determined to get Bridgette out of the way. With eight votes in total, further Big Brother 18 spoilers show the only votes left are James’ and Natalie’s, Celebrity Dirty Laundry notes. It’s a domino effect since Natalie depends on James’ decision while James continues to go with majority of the house.

As it stands, it seems Da’Vonne will get the Big Brother eviction this Thursday night, unless the two girls do something drastic to convince James to vote otherwise.