“Big Brother 18” premiered with high hopes to overshadow its past mistakes.

The basic premise of the long running reality TV show has not changed much, The Washington Post wrote. Twelve houseguests live together and play various challenges that are borderline humiliating, at times. They eventually form cliques then paranoia settles in and some lose any semblance of sanity they had before entering the competition. Overall, “it’s pretty great TV,” the publication stated.

“Big Brother 18” could have something more to offer that would change the way the game is played, The Hollywood Reporter noted. The show’s executive producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan shared some secrets with the publication about what audiences can expect this season. Yet would it surpass the mischief of “Big Brother” 2016?

1. “Big Brother 18” boasts of a diverse cast.

“We think it’s an incredibly diverse cast. We have one of the more diverse casts, for sure. There’s a variety of ethnicities in the house. We have a gay man, a bisexual woman, people from all different backgrounds: Armenian, Filipino, Venezuelan, Puerto Rican, and African-American,” Grodner told THR.

However, audiences could expect mystery contestants to join in as the producers hinted that past houseguests could drop by.

2. “Big Brother 18” caters to nepotism?

Two houseguests listed are related to previous contestants. Paul Calafiore is the younger brother of season 16 runner up Cody, while Tiffany Rousso is the younger sister of season 17 third placer Vanessa. However, familial ties could also be a disadvantage. Season 15 houseguests booted Elissa quickly for it, The Washington Post recalled.

3. No “Battle of the Block” on “Big Brother 18”

Meehan advises audiences to tune in to the first Sunday show.

“We always look to twist up the game and keep a new crop of houseguests on their toes so we thought it would be fun to introduce something new and something different. We have something new and different that we will reveal in our first Sunday show,” Meehan told THR.

4. New house of “Big Brother 18” has a working phone

A phone booth now exists between the bedrooms, Buddy TV revealed. However, its actual purpose is still a mystery.

5. Longest Summer for “Big Brother 18”

Houseguests will enjoy an extended stay in the “Big Brother 18” house for a record 99 days, the publication added. “Big Brother 18” telecasts thrice a week on Wednesdays (8 pm), Thursdays (9 pm), and Sundays (8 pm). 24/7 live feeds start Thursday (June 23, 10 pm) after the West Coast airing of the premiere.