Spoiler Alert! The following story contains information about the upcoming episode of “The Big Bang Theory”.

There was the Valentine’s Day kiss some time back, and then the coitus in this season. Will Sheldon go ahead and give his family’s engagement ring to Amy in this season of the “The Big Bang Theory?”

For starters, he will surely name an asteroid after his lady love in the upcoming episode. And with sweet-Sheldon in his top form this season, the engagement ring does not seem a distant dream.

According to Cinemablend, in the upcoming episode of the “The Big Bang Theory”, Sheldon will be working with Rajesh Koothrappalli to look for extra solar planets. And while Raj is looking at a numerical database for anomalies that might indicate a new planet, trust Sheldon to find a pattern. Raj then combines all their photographic images and discovers that Sheldon has indeed found a small new asteroid.

According to the show’s spoiler website, Sheldon gives a very sweet gift to Amy by naming the asteroid after her despite other interesting names on the table. The names under consideration are Chicken Fingers, Kooper (Koo from Koothrappalli and per from Cooper) and Amy (Am from Amy and Y from Emily). And while Raj has allowed Sheldon to name his discovery after his lady love, he expects them to name all their children “Raj”.

Given the current changes, viewers are seeing in their favourite character, Sheldon Cooper, an engagement won’t be an out-of-the-blue expectation from the show and its most loved couple. While the show producers have not trashed the idea totally, it is just a wait and watch for us to see this become a reality.

According to Us Magazine, earlier this year, when Jim Parsons was asked about a possible marriage on the current season, the actor told ET, “I would say no, but I didn’t think that we’d be filming [the sex scene].”