Kaley Cuoco has lost one of her most member of her family – her dog, Petey.

The Big Bang Theory star took to Instagram to post a sad and touching letter to the prized pooch with a collage of pictures that are incredibly adorable.

“Anyone who knows me knows Petey,” the 30-year-old Cuoco wrote. “He has brought a lifetime of joys and laughs to our entire family.”

The pooch was a gift to her while she was 16. Her boyfriend at that time had given it to her. She hid the dog in the closet for 3 days before finally letting him out.

“My folks gave him the greatest life and he taught us what it meant to love an adoption pup. I have since named my corporation after him (peteypie inc) and he has brought a lifetime of joy and laughs to our entire family. I know he will now enjoy doggie heaven where there will be an abundance of greenies just for him. This little guy, I will never ever forget,” she added.

Kaley has been enduring one of the toughest phases of her life. Only in September, she announced that she will divorce husband Ryan Sweeting after only 21 months of marriage.

According to Us Weekly, Ryan’s drug and alcohol abuse was a major problem in their relationship and it was the reason the two decided to split.

The animal lover has a lot of pets and if you scroll through her Instagram, it’s pretty evident that she considers the animals her second family. Patey and her other pets, including two Pitbulls and a newly adopted puppy and horse, have gotten her through her dark days.

“My two pits have made this last year so much better for me,” the actress told the audience at Stand Up for Pits, tearing up.