Viewers will get to meet Penny’s mom and brother when the Big Bang Theory Season 10 debuts on Monday, September 19. What viewers would like to find out as well is what Al and Mary end up doing at the hotel room.

In the finale of Season 9, viewers were left guessing what Sheldon’s mom and Leonard’s dad end up doing after retiring early to their hotel room. Did they really have to switch off their phones? After all, it was just for a nightcap. What really happened between the two?

Episode 1 of the Big Bang Theory Season 10 picks up from there. Titled ‘The Conjugal Conjecture,’ it will finally reveal what happens between Al and Mary after leaving the rehearsal dinner, thus putting all assumptions to rest. The synopsis does not give away much except that the pair’s disappearance creates an awkward moment for everyone. However, leaked information about the episode reveals that Mary and Al will simply spend the night getting to know more about each other, after which the pair will decide to go on with their relationship.

The Big Bang Theory Season 10 premiere will also feature the wedding of Leonard and Penny. The scene takes place outside at the park. Penny is wearing a stunning knee-length wedding dress, simple but truly elegant. It is going to be a lovely scene, as described by the show’s Wikia.

A wedding is usually a happy occasion, but sometimes it is not so. The couple will find that with married bliss comes family feud or constant squabbles among parents, siblings, friends and roommates, which can be stressful at times. For the bride, it starts with her anxiety-tormented mother Susan and drug-dealing brother Randal who will both show up for the wedding ceremony.

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