Rumors that the Big Bang Theory is coming to its end never die down, and apparently the hit show is already losing fans.

Speculations have it that some fans may have lost interest in the Big Bang Theory if Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) will change in season 10.

The Week noted that the Big Bang Theory maintains a strong fanbase since it does not follow the common format in TV series and movies. However, the show lost it when Sheldon had “coitus” with his girlfriend Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik) last season.

Let’s all admit it – Sheldon Cooper is the reason why you are into this show. Although he can be annoying and lacks empathy, he is still the most hilarious character in the show.

According to The Week, there have been speculations that Parson’s character will be different when the CBS show’s season 10 premieres in fall. In the previous season, viewers have seen Sheldon less obsessed with scientific theory and became less ignorant of humor and sarcasm.

The sites wrote many fans believe this is not the Sheldon they know and love.

Despite the rumors, Sheldon and Amy’s intimate episode, “Opening Night Excitation,” was the show’s highest-rated on IMDb, according to Gold Derby.

“The Opening Night Excitation” was also among the two episodes submitted by the show for consideration in the directing category in Emmys.

Meanwhile, another change in the upcoming season is that Sheldon may finally have different roommate in season 10.

Johnny Galecki, who plays the role of Sheldon’s BFF Leonard Hofstadter, has hinted that the Caltech physicist may probably have new roommate.

Since marrying Penny (Kaley Cuoco), Leonard still lives in the house he shares with Sheldon. However, Leonard might move in with Penny for good and Galecki think there is only one guy who is best replacement of his character. “Stuart is pitch perfect!” Galecki told The Hollywood Reporter before season 9 premiere.

Parsons’ three-year contract with TBBT will expire in 2017, same as the contracts of Cuoco and Galecki.

Big Bang Theory season 10 will return to CBS on Sept. 19, 2016.