Sighting of possible music video shoot in downtown Los Angeles for Beyoncé new album sent fans to social media to post tweets about it, according to Hollywood Life.

The initial tweet from #brettschulte triggered the frenzy.

It tweeted about the Beyonce video shoot in downtown Los Angeles. As expected, the post soon went viral. Bey_Legion, one of Queen Bey’s biggest Twitter fan, soon posted pictures of the video shoot.

However, none of the shots tweeted showed the singer. Neither was there any personality who looked like Beyonce on set. Regardless, fans remained vigilant and continued to post pics throughout the day.

Rumours also suggest the shoot was for a production of a feature video for the Super Bowl. On February 7, Beyonce joins Coldplay for the half-time show.

There are reports the R&B singer plans to announce her sixth album release at the Super Bowl. She will also reveal news about her upcoming tour.

Beyoncé reportedly plans to promote the new album with a stadium tour in May. Recent activities on Beyoncé’s Facebook page also suggest an upcoming tour.

Her FB page displayed “Miscellaneous Test Event” with the logo of Tidal, Jay Z’s music streaming service. The date for the Event listed January 30 with a time stamp of 8:30 PST.

The same page also provided a link to Ticketmaster. Thus, it suggests the availability of ticket sales soon.

This is not the first time news of a Beyoncé music video shoot made headlines. Queen Bey was supposedly in New Orleans for six days to film a music video last December.

A Facebook post by Zach Reece about a casting call for a Beyoncé video shoot fueled reports. However, the French choreographer deleted the post afterwards.

Beyoncé finished her sixth studio album by the end of 2015. However, Adele’s record-breaking album came out in November. This prompted the R&B singer to delay her album release.