Beyoncé fans anticipated the release of her sixth album following the debut of “Formation” at the Super Bowl 2016. However, no one would’ve suspected that it would reveal the singer’s secret heartache.

A recurring theme of the tracks alludes to infidelity. Hence, speculations are rife that it referenced to her marriage to husband Jay Z, HollywoodLife reported. The music mogul is one of the most successful artists in the industry. However, “Lemonade” might have left him powerless to prevent its release, the publication noted.

As it turned out, Jay Z was okay with the album’s release, an exclusive source told the publication. Moreover, he supported “Lemonade” because it gave Beyoncé the chance to vent her emotions and possibly, to save their marriage. The source did point out though that she didn’t ask for his approval to release “Lemonade.”

“Beyoncé didn’t get Jay Z’s approval to release the album. She was set to release with or without his blessings. If venting via her songs can help save their marriage, then he fully supports her. He wasn’t about to put up a fight on this,” the source told the publication.

While Jay Z was overcome by “Lemonade,” Solange Knowles was reportedly thrilled for her big sister and the new album. In a separate post from HollywoodLife, the younger Knowles expressed her support for Beyoncé’s “bold musical statements.”

“Solange knows that Bey’s had to be quiet about some things in her marriage. She hates that Beyoncé has lived with pain and is really happy that she’s finally broken out and is talking about it,” an insider told the publication.

“Lemonade is about the love that black women have – the love that threatens to kill us, makes us crazy and makes us stronger than we should ever have to be,” Ijeoma Oluo of The Guardian wrote. Oluo considered the album as an “amazing love-filled gift” from Beyonce to everyone.

The lyrics of Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” explored the relationships of a black woman; the sorrow, joy, and anger that she goes through. From among its tracks, “Sorry” stood out to fans as it touched upon the issue of cheating.