Since Beyonce released her controversial album “Lemonade,” fans have been busy exploring who “Becky” is and whether or not Jay Z cheated on Queen Bey. To answer all those speculations, rapper Jay Z has finally responded.

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Lemonade is Beyonce’s sixth studio album in which she reveals some secret personal zones of her life. The debated lyrics clearly indicate that the singer has been cheated on by the rapper in the past. Many fans soon started to speculate that the apparent infidelity mentioned in the album has some deep connection with Jay Z, The Hollywood Gossip reports.

Check out the lyrics of the album opener “Pray you catch me”:

You can taste the dishonesty

It’s all over your breath as you pass it off so cavalier

But even that’s a test

Constantly aware of it all

My lonely ear

Pressed against the walls of your world

She ends the song by asking, “What are you doing, my love?”

On the contrary, rabid followers of Jay Z believe that it’s merely a publicity stunt to push sales of the album. After remaining mum for a while, HOV recently shared his side of the story. He decided to give a smacking reply in a guest verse on a remix to Fat Joe’s “All The Way Up.” Listeners can enjoy the number on TIDAL.

The track dropped the following lyrics:

You know you made it when the fact

Your marriage made it is worth millions

Lemonade is a popular drink and it still is

Survival of the littest

Niggas who really up versus nigga up in your business

I’m in the room where real niggas not allowed

I’m the only one in the room that they fear right now

I think they’re clear right now

Let’s celebrate, no red champagne, we don’t play that

Meanwhile, Perez Hilton mentions that the gossip rags hint that the singer-rapper duo are working together to drop a surprise album that will reveal many unknown territories of their lives.

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Are Jay Z’s lyrics really meant as a response for Beyonce’s “Lemonade” or are they a mere pre-publicity trick for an upcoming album?