Pop music legend Stevie Wonder has called Beyonce’s sixth studio album “Lemonade” an “art piece,” citing it as a huge departure from her previous records.

According to Xpose.ie, Wonder, who has done duets with the “Drunk In Love” singer multiple times over the years, said he has always been a fan but the new album made him more impressed with her talents.

“I’ve seen Beyonce from the very beginning of her career when she was with the group (Destiny’s Child),” Wonder said. “Then her as a single artist, and I listened to the music mature. Now we have Lemonade, which is to me a great art piece.”

As someone who has advocated universal accessibility for people with disabilities (PWDs) most of his life, Wonder, however, noted that Beyonce should make her work more accessible to those with visual impairments and disabilities, NME reported.

“If I were to say anything to her, I’d say, ‘Look why don’t you get the words written in Braille so that every single person can read the words?” he said.

One memorable instance when Wonder used his considerable stardom to shed light on PWD issues was during the 2016 Grammy Awards when he presented the category Song of the Year with acapella group Pentatonix.

“I’m gonna pop this open!” Wonder said to a cheering crowd while holding the envelope. “Y’all can’t read this huh? You can’t read Braille?”

Since he is a fan, Wonder might be excited with the news that Jay-Z and Beyonce will finally be releasing their long-awaited collaboration album. The joint album, where both stars will address the questions raised by “Lemonade,” will allegedly drop on Tidal soon. The two singers previously worked together on the hit singles “Crazy In Love,” “Upgrade U,” “Bonnie and Clyde,” “Drunk In Love” and “On The Run” but they have not done an entire album together.