Power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z has achieved a new milestone for surpassing the “seven-year itch” as they celebrate 8 years of marriage.

According to E! Online, although the number 8 “holds no traditional importance” in celebrating anniversaries, their anniversary holds a key in their relationship because of the connection to a special number dubbed as a “double of four.”

The “Drunk in Love” singer first said “I Do” to her longtime beau in a secret wedding ceremony held on April 4, 2008. Notably, it was “the fourth day of the fourth month of the year.”

“[4 has been] my favorite number since I was a kid,” Queen Bey declared in her Year of 4 feature. “It’s the number of my birthday, September 4, my mother’s birthday, January 4, my husband’s birthday, December 4 [and] it’s the anniversary of my wedding.”

More than that, the roman numeral of IV coincidentally appeared on their daughter’s name, Blue Ivy. Also, mathematically, the number 8 is the symbol of infinity, thus, these numerical symbols must have prove that Beyonce and Jay-Z’s union symbolizes “infinite power” for their relationship, emotionally and financially.

“The number 8 is two circles. The bottom circle is physical, material, money; and the top circle is mental, intuitive, spiritual. It is important these two circles are balanced and that you are happy with those circles and dimensions of your life,” numerologist Julian Michael told the website. “Because if not, they can go either way. The balance and harmony of those two worlds are very important,” as he explained further.

Despite malicious controversies about divorce and fighting, the couple stays together and kept mum about the rumours. Previously, Celeb Dirty Laundry reported that the couple are allegedly working on a post-nup agreement, should the split be true.

Relationship aside, Beyonce and Jay-Z are both successful in their respective musical careers as they continue to be popular in today’s pop and Rn’B industry.