Beyonce and Jay-Z are keeping their plans for a second baby on hold. There has been frequent rumours that the couple’s marriage is on the edge.

Fertility treatments had been acting as more of a disturbing factor for Beyonce. She recently made the decision to put an end to all this, says a family source.

“Bey’s had enough and wants to give her body a break,” said the source of Beyonce. .

According to RadarOnline, Beyonce not only wants to give her body a break, but she is also very frustrated with her husband Jay-Z.

“Beyonce needs to find herself & stop messing with other people seriously,” said the source.

The “Crazy In Love” singer is stressed over the state of her edgy relationship with Jay-Z, her 46-year-old husband since 2008. According to the source, Jay-Z has got a to focus on a few lawsuits at this moment.

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The source also claims that Beyonce is just “tired of trying to do this on her own.” Their relationship problems are not even close to getting fixed, says The Inquisitr.

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Unfortunately, the couple’s position on this second child issue has left both of them “devastated.” The source said that these issues have taken away the hope the two had for their future as a family.

However, Gossip Cop refutes everything. They said that it was in January the same outlet said Beyonce was “close to five months pregnant.” And if that was true, she would certainly be more than “showing by now and everyone would know.”

According to Gossip Cop, she was not pregnant, and the webloid has made up a new story to explain why there’s no baby. They also said that this unnamed source is “disreputable,” and also doubts its existence.

It was reported that another “source” allegedly told the Life & Style magazine that Beyoncé won’t be living with Jay-Z anymore. It claimed that living under the same roof as Jay-Z was no longer healthy.