Manny Pacquiao is undoubtedly one of the best boxers to have ever joined the sport, together with Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, and Oscar De La Hoya to name a few. Recently, the Filipino boxer has come back after his brief five-month-long retirement.

However, his comeback fight against the 29-year-old Australian boxer, Jeff Horn, didn’t turn out well as it resulted in a controversial loss that had Pacquiao and all his fans questioning the legitimacy of the fight’s outcome.

Because of the unexpected result, a certain amount of gloom now lurks around Pacquiao’s boxing career. Following his seventh loss, here are some of the likely career paths that the “Pacman” might take.

Three Career Paths Pacquiao Might Take After Fight Upset

1. Retirement

Though Manny Pacquiao had already retired a number of times, this remains to be the most probable career path he’ll take. And this time, it’s more likely to be his “final” retirement. Manny is already turning 39-years-old this coming December, and for some boxers, this is already the twilight stage of their career.

Time is indeed inevitable, and Manny might have finally realized that his “glory days” are over. Let’s face it; he’s not as fast and strong as he once was. It also makes perfect sense for him to retire as he has a successful political career in the Philippines, with him serving as a senator.

2. Rematch

Pacquiao is not only known as a fast and powerful boxer, but also a wise one. This has been proven in his numerous rematches, beating Juan Manuel Marquez and Erik Morales on their second encounters in the ring. He beat Marquez twice out of their four fights and defeated Morales two times, with one being a heartbreaking knockout.

Pacquiao also won two straight unanimous decisions against Timothy Bradley. Having a close to 100% rematch success rate, there’s a good chance that Manny might get his revenge if ever a rematch against Horn happens.

3. Fight Another Boxer

Despite the likely scenario that Pacquiao might win a rematch against Horn, it still isn’t safe to assume that the trend based on his previous fights will stay that way. It’s because the 39-year-old boxer is now aging and is undeniably slowing down.

With this, it’ll be safe for Pacquiao to choose another higher-caliber opponent to redeem his pride. And possibly, this will be his last and final fight.

If ever Pacquiao chooses this path, the most likely opponent he’ll face is Amir Khan.  The news is supported by a report from Australia News Network, saying that the 30-year-old British boxer wants to fight his former partner while they were still training at L.A.’s Wildcard gym.

Possible Betting Odds for Future “Pacman” Fights

Manny Pacquiao gained the upper hand in the odds matchup against Jeff Horn, being the -600 betting favorite. A $600 bet for Pacquiao only won $100. On the other hand, the Australian boxer had the +400 odds for being the underdog.

Betting $100 for Horn would result in a whopping $400 win. That is a 6:1 betting odds ratio. You can check out the latest Aussie free bets the next time any of these two boxers plan to get back on the ring.

Pacquiao was the betting favorite in the matchup because of his 59-6-2 career record before the match. His excellent reputation and a number of victories against top-notch boxers such as Oscar De La Hoya, Shane Mosley, and Timothy Bradley were also some of the reasons why he was the top bet.

But because of the unexpected loss against Jeff Horn, there is no doubt that he might become the underdog in his next fight. If that would happen, then it will be Pacquiao’s first time to experience being the underdog for over a decade.

Even though the Filipino boxer currently has the WBO title belt, it still wouldn’t be enough to raise his betting standing, especially if he faces a younger and higher caliber boxer next time.

Then there’s Jeff Horn who won 14 consecutive games and now has a 17-0-1 career record. His victory over Pacquiao has even landed him on the No. 10 spot in the best pound-for-pound boxer list. Because of this, a possible rematch between the two would surely change the tides of the betting odds, possibly even switching it completely to Horn’s favor.

The Pacquiao vs. Horn Fight Purse

Pacquiao’s loss didn’t just impact him negatively in the world of betting, but it’ll surely lower down his prize money value if he continues fighting. Manny earned $10 million from the fight, while Horn only earned a meager $500,000.

The highest amount of prize Manny Pacquiao earned was $150 million. This was during his fight against Floyd Mayweather.

The huge sum of money was due to Pacquiao’s prior three consecutive wins and the fight’s promotion and marketing publicity. This would mean that Jeff Horn can expect to have a substantial increase in his prize money on his next fight, whoever it may be.