The top place is up for grabs. So the question is, can the Golden State Warriors beat the 96’ Chicago Bulls’ record of 72-10? The Warriors are having a dream run this season. They have already started of the 2015 NBA campaign by winning all 15 games this season, “tying the record of the 1948-49 Washington Capitols and the 1993-94 Houston Rockets for best start ever,” as per For The Win reports.

Everything seems to be right in place for the Warriors. The shooting as well as their defense looks remarkable and they have won some hard fought games as well. Nothing seems to stop them. The USA Today sports quotes, “This team could go 73-9. They could break the ’96 Bulls team’s record of 72 wins in a season. They’re that good.”

With a winning percentage of .817, the Warriors finished the season at 67-15 last year. If they are to beat the Bulls’ record, the winning percentage must jump to .866.

Stephen Curry was quoted as saying, “This time last year, we were still learning the system, but we were playing hard, playing with that effort every single night. This year, we’re just a little better individually, better as a team, and I think that’s showing. Everybody is pretty focused.”

Nobody said it is going to be easy. But everything seems to be running perfect for the warriors. Stephen Curry has been quite exceptional with his current form, the Warrior’s defense and shooting looks good and even the coach feels positive about everything. There seems to be no worrying factor in the team.

Getting to 73 wins isn’t going to be easy. One injury and everything might change. It is very important for the Warriors to continue what they have been doing and not worry about the record now. NBA is a long season and anything is possible.

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