Amazon Prime Day is upon us. As the best laptop tablet deals flood the site, we’ll give you the scoop on the best ones you should get. Amazon promises to launch the most number of deals it has ever launched in its history. Rivaling the Black Friday sales, this year’s Prime Day sale will have twice the number of deals it launched last year.

The Amazon Prime day will last the whole 24 hours of July 12. New deals will be up every 10 minutes with prices stave off. Any and every product you can think will be on sale. There will be three kinds of Amazon Prime deals.

Prime Day Spotlight Deals

For those brands and products you love, big discounts await. You will see most of these brands and products on sale under the Prime Day Spotlight deals.

Amazon Lightning Deals

For those who are lightning fast on their fingertips, Amazon Lightning deals raise the pressure bar with a timer showing the amount time left to buy the product. There will also be a counter of how many items are left for sale.

Prime Savings and Deals

For Prime members, savings and great deals wait upon checkout. This will also be where the small third party sellers will be found. These will last the whole 24 hours.

Amazon Prime Day Shopping Tips

To get the best out of the Amazon Prime Day this July 12, make sure you are an Amazon Prime member. If you are not a member yet and do not want to pay the membership fee, sign up for a the free 30-day trial. There’s also an Amazon app which you can use to shop all day today wherever you are. You can also set up your Amazon Prime account to a 1-click purchase setting to make sure you do not miss on the deals, US News reports.

Best Laptop Deals

From a $250 (AU $329) for an Acer 15-inch Chromebook to a Lenovo all-in-one desktop with 1TB hard drive and Intel Pentium N3700 at 37% off, according to The Telegraph’s pick, grab these laptop deals all day this Amazon Prime Day.

Best Tablet Deals

For the best tablets, choose betweent an Amazon Fire Tablet and a Microsoft Surface 3 that is both on sale at 30% off their prices.

Find the best laptop tablet deals on Amazon Prime today!