After Canadian pop star Justin Bieber dropped the song, “Sorry,” numerous song covers came up on the web. One song cover instantly became famous for using song styles of artists such as Selena Gomez, Kanye West, Nickelback and more.

Anthony Vincent of YouTube channel, Ten Second Songs, uploaded a video of his notable song cover. It was entitled “Justin Bieber – Sorry | Ten Second Songs 20 Style Cover.” In this video, he impersonated various artists singing Bieber’s hit.

At the start of the video, Vincent revealed that his artists’ selection were based from those nominated by his Facebook followers, Rolling Stone reported.

The best parts of his cover included his impressions of Michael Bolton and Ja Rule. Rolling Stone also noted his funny take on the duo Milli Vanilli.

Vincent also pretended to be David Hasselhoff, Sisqo, and Kanye West. His Selena Gomez impersonation completed the set of 20.

Watch his awesome cover below:


Some of the other songs covered by Vincent in the same style included Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse,” Adele’s “Hello,” and Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood.”

Early on, a Latino remix of “Sorry” also made headlines, Hollywood Life reported. Bieber collaborated with J. Balvin for the Spanish version of his hit song. The singer posted this version on Twitter before he dropped his album, “Purpose.”

Hollywood Life pointed out the remix was a smart move on Bieber’s part. At the time, the site noted that the singer has less than favorable impression on fans.

The website cited the incidence of the singer’s appearance on “El Hormiguero,” a Spanish television show. Bieber reportedly threw a fit as fans were not clapping on the right beats.

Hollywood Life also revealed the singer got angry in Oslo during a performance last October.

Another Hollywood Life report featured an Instagram post from Bieber. The singer spoke with Balvin about the remix. Bieber said, “Yeah, I wanna do this remix. The Latino girls are going to go crazy!”

#SorryLatinoRemix con @jbalvin disponible ahora remix is out now part 2 #purpose

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The start of the year was welcoming for Bieber as hit single “Sorry” stole the top spot from Adele’s “Hello” on Hot 100. Do you think “Company,” which is rumoured to be his next single, can also get into the top spot?