Christmas gift ideas for the tech geek shouldn’t stress you out. With numerous options laid out, one can choose from the hottest gadgets available or the essential techie stuff that’s perfect for everyday use!

Whether you’re on a budget or willing to spend on the best gadget, we’ve listed below the ten best Christmas gift ideas for the tech geek. Check them out below:

1. MacBook Pro 2016

Apple will be releasing two new 2016 models for both MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Rumours mentioned that MacBook Air might be released in time for Christmas at a price of $1,500. It might be pricey but with its high-end specs, it’s definitely price-worthy!

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2. Samsung ATIV Book

Tech geeks know that MacBook’s close rival is the Samsung ATIV Book. Samsung’s newest laptops are the Samsung Ativ Book 9 Spin priced at $1,399 and the Ativ Book 9 Pro priced at $1,599. Be sure to get one from official Samsung stores!

3. Samsung Galaxy S6

If you’re thinking of giving a smartphone, you might want to check out Samsung’s flagship phone, Galaxy S6. Best Buy has lots of options for a variety of Samsung phones.

4. Nexus 6P

According to CNET, Google will cut the price of Nexus 6P by 50$ this Holiday Season. For the 32GB phone, the price is down to $449. Sale ends on December 30 so check out the online store immediately.

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5. Apple Watch

The Apple watch’s price ranges from $349-$399. But according to 24/7 Wall St, Best Buy has a promo where you can avail the smartwatch for only $49!

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6. Amazon Echo

The Fiscal Times calls it as “the Siri of the Home.” It has 95 features which include controlling lights, switches or even playing music. At $180 on Amazon website, it’s a good buy!

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7. Power Bank 

These sleek yet stylish power banks will be perfect for all tech aficionados. Each costs $49 on Survive It website.

8. Samsung Level Headphones

These headphones will surely “level up” any look. At $329 on, a variety of colours are available.

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9. Cables and Chargers

Car chargers are handy and essential for techie travellers. Likewise, data cables help tech geeks in their work. Check out some of Philips’ website for more choices.

10. USB flashdrive

Who doesn’t need a USB flash drive? Every tech geek needs one! Choose a character-inspired flash drive for your Christmas gift. Each costs less than $25 on