Are you an asthma patient? Well, there is good news for you. Although there is no cure for it yet, there are some highly effective medicines that will make sure you stay symptom free and get on with your life normally.

Dr. John Bottrell from Health Central has listed out the top medicines that can help you lead an easier life. Here are the top picks.

Inhaled Corticosteroids

Flovent, QVAR, Asthmanex and Pulmicort form the major part of these inhalers. These are proven to be the best method for treating chronic inflammation in your airways.

Leukotriene modifiers
Singulair and Accolate are some of top medicines that work well for Ashtma patients. They block the allergic response effectively and control inflammation. Although this works well with combination healers like Advair, and Formoterol.

Combination inhalers
The combination of Flovent and Serevent in one inhaler called Advair, and Formoterol and Pulmicort in another called Symbicort, makes one of the most effective combinations in Asthma history. People are often scared to take this due to FDA warnings, but this greatly controls Asthma in most patients according to Dr. John.

Taking medicines on a regularly basis is still vital to help patients cure Asthma. Two-thirds of Asthma deaths are caused by poor routine of medicine intake. Taking the medicines in the right dose, at the right time and the right way as prescribed by your doctor is also hugely important.

People often forget or are busy in their lives when it comes to regular intake of prescribed medicines. It may be work, family or just laziness. But research shows that people who stick to their routines have fewer side effects, according to a report in Also, not taking every day medicines means that you will have to endure higher doses of steroid treatment in the future.